Cara Santana Is Leggy And Barefoot With Ashley Greene In West Hollywood

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bill-swift - July 25, 2014

The lovely Cara Santana took her dog on a barefoot walk with Ashley Greene in West Hollywood. She wore a pair of short shorts like everyone does to walk their dog. They showed off her beautiful, sexy legs. They are seriously perfect gams, as a 1940's detective might say. Ashley Greene was looking equally hot in workout gear. She was sporting a pair of super tight psychedelic workout pants that showed off every curve of her legs and lady bits area. It's definitely one of the things I love about LA that you see myriads of hot ladies always going to or coming from exercising. One of the biggest downfalls of living in New York is that girls are usually all bundled up. Thank god for temperate weather and a penchant for tight workout attire.

I can't say as I approve of her going barefoot though. Streets are filthy places. There is broken glass and dog poop everywhere, especially from chihuahuas...Beverly Hills Chihuahuas. Get it? Because she was in those movies.