Cara Santana Flashing Her Abs of Hotness in Hollywood

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bill-swift - August 30, 2014

Cara Santana is rather quietly racking up and working on one of the finest toned bodies in Tinsel Town these days. The boob tube thespianic is in her bra tops and stretch pants just about daily here, even in the full heat of summer, working out the core so that those of us who stare at hot lady cores may revel. Quite a generous young woman this Cara Santana.

We do delight in every single aspect of the fine female form here on Egotastic, including, absolutely, the tight tummies that are just demanding something be bounced off of. And, as to that list of bounceable objects, I definitely have some thought. Keep up the rigid work, Cara, it's most definitely paying off for all of us. Enjoy.