Cara Delevingne Revealing For Esquire

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michael-garcia - August 4, 2016

Professional sexy person Cara Delevingne took it all off in this spread in Esquire that will make your eyeballs sweat. She starts off clothed in black lingerie, which with Cara's kille rbody would usually be satisfying enough. But then she takes the rest off and lies naked on a folding table. You know, like you do. The sideboob is out of control. Cara has got a tremendous rack. No wonder half of the girls in Hollywood haave wanted to experiment with this Saphic goddess. In another pic she's just wearing an arm bra but can't really contain the massive jubblies with her arm so they are busting out all over the place. But let's not forget that booty. I know I'll be seeing it in my dreams tonight when I shut my eyes. Her butt should be bronzed and put in the Smithsonian. 

Cara is one of my favorite models because she kind of doesn't give a damn. She's just going to do her own thing and screw everyone else. That's an admirable quality. 


Photo Credit: Esquire