Cara Delevingne Chesty Peeks For Vogue UK

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michael-garcia - August 5, 2016

The incomparably sexy Cara Delevingne gave us a peek at her goodies in this hot spread for Vogue UK. She wore a series of provocative outfits, many of them showing off her lovely jubblies. Cara has a rack that's launched many a woman into a state of sexual curiosity. You can't get more of an endorsement than that. The cleavage in these pictures is pretty strong. Cara is sexy because she's confident and has a "I don't give an F" kind of attitude on top of her good looks. I hate a shy retiring waif of a girl. I want someone who is going to be agressive and go after what she wants. Apparently what she wants is a lot of the hot girls of Hollywood and the music business. I can get behind that.

Cara really is the complete package. Too bad she wouldn't be interested. But I respect her for knowing her truth and all that. Plus I can picture her saphic conquests in my head. It's nice. 


Photo Credit: Vogue UK