Cara Delevingne Braless in Paris

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bill-swift - July 5, 2017

Cara Delevingne is carving herself a nice little budding movie career. It might be her calling, beyond being a celebrity famous family model and noted bisexual of the lesbionic model make out session variety. So, the best kind ever.

The rising film star and forever fashion plate made her way around Paris in her new silly short haircut, which we do not adore, and a braless top with her headlights visible, which we clearly do adore. Presume the hair thing is for a movie role. Or just to have an article on wonderful shorts cuts for summer. Who knows. Provided Cara keeps delivering the commando bodily goods, you can't stop her from making that bank with her female audience.

We've seen a line of sextastic celebrities of late braless in Paris. It's clearly in vogue. Also, in Vogue. When the famous girls start making it a thing, it trickles down to all lovely ladies and we suddenly have a much better world. Bless you, Cara. You know not what you do but you still do it so well.


Photo Credit: Backgrid