Caption This: ‘Looper’ Stills Will Make You Wish Time Travel Were Possible (PHOTOS)

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bill-swift - July 25, 2012

All I can say is that you're never going to look at Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the same way again after seeing him in The Dark Knight Rises. After earning heaps of praises from critics for his role as John Blake in the movie, is Levitt set to earn more for his performance opposite Bruce Willis in Looper?

This time around, he's an assassin (also called a looper) named Joe, who's hired by the mob to kill marks that they send thirty years back using a time machine. He's living the good life--until the mob decides to close the loop and send his future, older self back into the past for him to kill.

Sony Pictures has revealed twelve all-new stills through the movie's new interactive site, which you can check out in the gallery along with commentaries on what Joe and future Joe aren't up to in their respective images.

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