Captain John Cena, Mitt Romney Does Not Have Clear Eyes or a Full Heart, Steelers Rookie Tops all Criminals, and Other Goings On from the Latest Week in Football

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bill-swift - October 17, 2012

A Weekend Steelers Rookie Alameda Ta'amu Wishes Never Happened

Every year we hear about a lot of professional football players getting in trouble with the law. When you are young, incredibly strong, and flush with cash from cashing your NFL paycheck it can be pretty tempting to let loose.

The problem many guys have is in figuring when to hold back and stop.

Steelers rookie Alameda Ta'amu certainly didn't figure out how to do that over the weekend. The defensive lineman racked up an impressive 15 criminal charges in a spree that would go down in the annuals of history on America's Funniest Home videos had it been taped.

To make the long story short, Ta'amu allegedly got rip, roaring drunk, drove down the wrong side of the street, hit numerous cars including one that was occupied and injuring the occupant, ran lots of lights, was speeding, refused to comply with police orders, aimed his car and drove at two officers, and did not get out of his car until after hitting so many cars his finally stopped.

It gets better! The 348 pound Ta'amu then proceeded to take off his shirt and make a run for it. That's where you really know he was drunk (a fat guy running? Come on man!). Eventually several officers managed to subdue him and he was carted off to jail.

There have been several guys that have committed more serious crimes, but I don't think there has ever been a bigger rampage than this!

And There's More...

With so many football players, coaches, and fans having so much time on their hands there was much more to the shenanigans and craziness of the last week. We found out Michael Vick really does own a dog. The St. Louis Rams rookie kicker gained a cool nickname--Leg-a-tron-- and lost it in favor of a less complimentary one (Shank-a-tron) after Sunday. Ndamukong Suh is still a beast on the field; the problem is he sometimes is off the field too.

Like Suh, Raiders Coye Francies can hit-- his own players. Then there is the clip of the NFL reporter getting nailed in the face with a football during his broadcast. I could go on and on, but I think you'd enjoy the gallery so much more!