‘Captain America: Civil War’ Promoted The Right Way: With This Custom Iron Man Xbox One

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chris-littlechild - April 29, 2016

  It’s not easy being Iron Man. The stresses and strains of maintaining a billion-dollar company takes a toll on a dude. Sure, you’re effing rich, and you’ve got a sexy lady you can dump most of said responsibility on to, but… wait, I’ve lost sight of the point I’m making. Let’s start over.  

The super-rich playboy lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Not when there’s pressure on you to constantly drop top-class one liners and Stark-y snark everywhere, like Robert Downey Jr’s always doing in the movies. You become a kind of Marvel version of Kanye West, and that’s not something any effer wants to be. Coupled with the occasional flying-into-goddamn-space-with-a-nuke-in-your-arms suicide misson, it’s just not all it’s cracked up to be.

So spare a thought for the guy, as the world is hit by Captain America: Civil War. Let him have a lil’ time off. Time to spend making custom Xbox Ones, apparently, and pretty sexy-looking ones at that.

Only three of these bad boys were made, it seems, all of which are being given away by Xbox France (one each to be won from the company’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as Eurogamer reports). This is one of the best official custom consoles I’ve seen for some time; system and controller alike being complete with their own matching Arc Reactors.   

Really, though, you can’t quite get the full effect until the thing is revolving in slow motion in your face as dramatic music plays. Luckily, Microsoft has you covered there too:

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