Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Text While You’re Doing Other Stuff (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - August 2, 2012

In the nineties, teens are reminded not to drink and drive the moment they leave the house. Now that slogan has been transformed into 'Don't text and drive.'

Why? Aside from the obvious answer being you can't do two things very well at a time, you could fall into a fountain, fall into an open manhole (yes, that really happened to someone!), fall down flat on your face, or get into a life-threatening accident. Doubtful on the first three? Hit the jump and check out the proof.

Ohio State University recently did a study which concluded that people just aren't programmed to do two visual tasks at a time (such as texting and driving. We also suck at doing visual and audio tasks at the same time as well, such as talking on the phone and driving.

So guys, don't text because you might..

Fall into a fountain.

Fall into an open manhole.

Fall flat on your face.

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