Candice Swanepoel’s Supermodel Body In A Tight Little Bikini

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elliot-wolf - January 14, 2019

If I remember correctly, the saying some smart person said one time goes like “all that glitters is not gold.” Which is true. Because sometimes gold glitter comes with Candice Swanepoel attached. And that’s better than gold. So I hereby officially change the phrase to “mostly all that glitters will have a chance of being greater than gold if Candice is the one with the glitter.” My lord is this woman a hot tamale. Even when she hasn’t spilled arts and crafts all over herself she’s a hot little number. And by hot little number I mean close to the temperature of the sun. Who knew that you could stuff something so hot in such a small bikini. Brave Candice. Standing ovation.

Candice really puts the “swan” in Swanepoel. I haven’t seen a more attractive woman in ages. I’m not that old, but you get the point. The woman is built like an elegant egret. I believe that she should have her own show. Because a beauty like hers needs to be documented. I’m willing to do the following and the filming. The only problem would be doing the voiceover as being in the presence of a woman as hot as her would leave me speechless.

Photo Credit: Instagram / MEGA