Candice Swanepoel Will Sweat You To Death… And You Will Love It

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bill-swift - July 30, 2011

Not really sure what to say about the new Candice Swanepoel workout pictorial from Victoria's Secret other than it will most definitely make you sweat, likely til you pass out from hotness exposure. Pair one of the single most sextastic women strutting the mantle of this spinning planet with some midriff baring skin-tight spandex, and, voila! The recipe for raising the body temperature about thirty thousand degrees Kelvin.

Of course, danger lurks, specifically, if Candice were to be working out next to you at the gym. We've all been there. You're putting at least 40% more weight than you can handle on your reps with this super-fine supermodel working out beside you. Still, the ripped cartilage and shredded tendons are all worthwhile, for just a smell of the perspiration emanating from the glorious pores of this South African wonder. Enjoy.