Candice Swanepoel Steps Out and Steps Up in Vogue Brazil

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bill-swift - November 30, 2011

A different look at our Lady of Swanepoel, with the uber-hot Candice in the Brazil version of Vogue magazine, wherein the Victoria's Secret model stretches out her wings in much more artsy-style that I'm sure means something to people who love to create magical 'looks', but still means something to those of who feel magical when we look at Candice Swanepoel. Any chance to peruse the pages of Candice's body hotness works for us. It certainly is derivative of the photoshoot I have laid out in a proposal to Candice for over a year now, albeit, my prospective shoot calls for zero clothing, save for a long thin piece of fruit rollup placed discreetly about the snacking areas. Enjoy.