Candice Swanepoel Lingerie Treats, The Last Before Too Large?

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bill-swift - March 31, 2016

As you know, our Lady of Swanepoel is pregnant with child. Not sure you can be pregnant any other way, though one time I drank so much at a keg party, I was told I looked to be in my fourth month. There was no child, though I was cited by the police that evening for some lewd acts in public I'm certain I don't remember. Candice Swanepoel would never be cited for lewd acts. Though I certainly wish she would try. The blessedly hot South African model is now pregnant by her long time boyfriend and one lucky bastard, and not certain at what point she'll be on hiatus from showing off her hot form in little bits of panties and bras.

Candice has already announced she intends to be good to go for the November annual V.S. Fashion Show. With her epic genes she'll probably be catwalk ready two weeks after jettisoning out the fortunate child who gets to suckle on her precious perfect teats. I used to worry when my favorite hotties got pregnant, now I realize I was overly concerned. Also super jealous that I wasn't the one making the babies. Lovely Candice, how will MILFhood make you even hotter. We await the results. Enjoy. 

Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret