Candice Swanepoel Lingerie Delights

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bill-swift - July 14, 2015

Folk who wonder if there is a heaven need look no further than Our Lady of Swanepoel in her bras and panties to realize that some amount of heaven is leaking into this world. How else to explain the unworldly hotness of Candice Swanepoel modeling the little bits of wardrobe goodness from Victoria's Secret each month.

Many ancient cultures counted the new months based on the alignment of the moon and stars. I do based solely upon the arrival of new sextastic shots of Candice looking like a million damn bedroom fantasies in her undies. Nobody pimps lingerie quite like Candice. Men want to be with her and women, well half of them want to be with her too. The other half want her panties. Just like the men. It's really an odd thing to find a crazy hot woman who everybody adores. Still, let's be rational about this and take numbers. Oh, look at that, I got #1, how randomly fortunate. No, I didn't cheat. This could get ugly. Quick, Candice, into my Corolla. We shall make love in the bathroom of every Denny's we encounter. They keep them reasonably clean. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret