Candice Swanepoel Bikini Pictures Little Bits of Black Candid Swimsuit Perfection

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bill-swift - May 28, 2013

Wow. Not wow as in we didn't know Candice Swanepoel looked great in a bikini. Oh, how we have studied those masterpieces through the past few years. But, wow, as in your never know just how even the most super of super models will look when caught completely candid on vacation. For Candice, I'd have to say the reality every bit matches the fantasy.

Spending the holiday weekend in a sweetly tiny and perfectly exhibiting bikini in Miami, Candice shows that not only does she photograph well in studio, but she radiates sextastic just ever so effortlessly and naturally, her success was hardly by happenstance. What a girl. What a body. Enjoy.

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