Candice Swanepoel Bikini Hottie

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michael-garcia - October 18, 2016

South African beauty Candice Swanepoel modeled some tasty bikinis for Grown and Sexy Magazine. All of the different bikinis were designed to show off the most cleavage without flashing illegal amounts of skin. Candice has a splendid rack that she gets paid a lot of money to show off. She's not a Victoria's Secret angel for nothing, you know. She's got the whole gorgeous blond foreign bombshell game going pretty successfully. She's got the face, the height, the body, the jugs, and lets not forget about that booty. Unlike a lot of models who are flat in the butt department, Candice is well endowed with a nice curvy bottom. It's not too big or too small but just enough to be interesting. 

South African girls, at least the ones I've known, are hot as hell and they have that sexy accent. It's not quite British and not quite Dutch. Whatever you call it, it makes my heart and swimsuit area very happy. 


Photo Credit: Grown And Sexy Magazine

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