Canadian Actress Inanna Sarkis Plunging Swimsuit In Miami

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brian-mcgee - January 2, 2018

When most of us in the States think of Canadians, we conjure up images of mounted policemen, hockey players, and Tim Horton's patrons. How quick we are to overlook one of the most striking Canadian beauties I've seen in some time, however, and that is the gorgeous Inanna Sarkis who was born in Canada to a Bulgarian mother and Syrian father. That's one spicy combination!

Like all the savviest members of society, Inanna packed up her bags and headed south when the weather got cold, landing in Miami where she can hit the beach and show off some spectacular cleavage in a plunging black one-piece. Honestly, if it weren't so early in the fiscal year, I'd be inclined to take some personal days, hop on a plane, and join her on the beach.

So the next time you doubt the power of a nice Canadian beauty, just think back to that time you discovered Inanna here. It was a banner day in all our lives, and now we've got some photographic evidence to cart around and use to prove people wrong on the regular. It's the little things that make life worth living.

Photo Credit: Splash News