Can You Open It Like They Do? Compilation of Crazy Ways to Open Bottles of Booze (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - May 23, 2013

There are probably a million and one ways to open a bottle of beer. From the sane and normal to the crazy and insane, people have thought about it and dudes have actually gone out and done it, just for the heck of it. If you're still opening bottles with a bottle opener, then you need to watch this because you are seriously boring with a capital 'B!'

This video compilation features just the crazy ways that people have used to get to their booze, though. Some used their pet birds, others decided to go all out with chainsaws, while the daredevil types used skateboards, bikes, and even their bellybuttons to unleash the booze within.

This video will give you a ton of ideas about how to get that bottle or can open in the most unconventional way possible. Some of them are probably dangerous, so don't try those at home if you want to drink more and live longer.

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