Can the Dallas Cowboys Back up Jerry Jones’ Tough Talk?

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bill-swift - August 4, 2012

The Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable franchise in the NFL, and they haven't made it past the divisional round of the playoffs since they won the Super Bowl XXX. If you're not sure how long ago that was, teams will be trying to make it to Super Bowl XLVII at the end of this season.

Yes, that's a long time ago. That doesn't matter to owner Jerry Jones though. He's confident that he's got a winner and has no problem telling the world how good they are--not to mention what they are going to do to the Super Bowl champion New York Giants when the two rivals kick off the 2012 season on September 5.

Y'all should come to Cowboys Stadium and watch us beat the Giants' asses.

Jones has made it pretty clear what he thinks his team will do to the defending Super Bowl champions. Talk like that is nothing new to Jones and the Cowboys, though it is strange that he references posteriors and glory holes in the same press conference.

With the talent that the 'Boys have on the roster this could very well be the year, and they know it. The problem is, that has been the expectation for the team for the last few years. That has led many, like tight end Jason Witten, to wonder if the window has closed or will be soon.

You try not to think about the window, but obviously, we're realists. We understand where it's at.

If all the talk about windows closing is done like Jones has claimed it is, the team will have overcome its first obstacle. Expectations are always high in Dallas. Recent history has shown that the team has had trouble dealing with the scrutiny that comes with being a part of 'God's Team.'

Expectations are not the only problem the 'Boys will have to face. The offense is short on playmakers. This may be strange to say about a squad that has Tony Romo, Jason Witten, Dez Bryant, and Miles Austin, but Bryant can't seem to stay out of trouble and Austin missed six games last season. Should they lose either the team has no one with significant experience to step in (bad idea letting Laurent Robinson go).

The running game isn't much better off. Felix Jones failed to pass the conditioning test upon reporting to camp and DeMarco Murray is working his way back from an injury as well. Both have a history of being injury prone. Having to run behind a retooled offensive line is not really encouraging.

The defense could actually bail the 'Boys out while they work out the kinks in the offense. The secondary is almost completely redone; the team traded up to draft Morris Claiborne and signed Brandon Carr to play the corners. Add in the fact that DeMarcus Ware, Jason Hatcher, and Anthony Spencer will be harassing QBs all game long, and it will not be easy to throw on the 'Boys.

When it comes down to it, Dallas is only going to go as far as their health and their psyche will take them. Should they stay healthy and put their past failures behind them the window might finally open nice and wide.

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