Camilla Belle Surprisingly Revealing on Instagram

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bill-swift - June 23, 2017

While you weren't paying attention, exotic hottie thespianic Camilla Belle turned thirty and began a more vigorous campaign of sharing her genetically blessed good looks on her Instagram account. Belle was one of those acting first young dramatists who starred in a number of more serious works but eventually got dragged into pop culture and celebrity spats and feuds and dating rumors and the bon vivant lifestyle. Thankfully so. More chances to gaze upon her sextastic in public spaces.

Belle's Instagram account isn't your standard skin fest, but she does go bikini and occasionally exhibitionist look-at-me stylings that you might not expect from such a outwardly serous persona. Which only goes to show, that passion inducing allure can not be contained by mere force of will. Hotness has the inexorable desire to be unleashed. Heat rises, don't you know. 

Camilla, this is the most wonderful appetizer of the delicious treats your fine female form has to offer. Thirty is the time to get a move on in the direction of the naked and unafraid. Consider this unsolicited advice from a completely objective party with his hand in his pants. TMI. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Instagram