Camila Morrone in A Bikini

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Lex Jurgen - May 27, 2016

Models now routinely maintain eponymous websites where they deliver health and fashion and lifestyle advice based on the fact that they're in their 20's and really good looking. You could waste a ton of tuition dollars and work training hours only to discover nobody gives a shit about your professional advice. Or you could just be pretty and tell everybody about dangerous sugars hidden in fruits and the best place to get fabulous summer party skirts. 

I love to take a banana with me on the road because it gives me fuel for a few hours. It is easy to dispose of, and doesn’t make a mess. I smudge some almond butter on my bananas to make them more tasty!

That seems pretty solid. Scientology was formed around less detail. Plus, look at those abs. I bought the Gazelle just because Tony Little could pull off a pony tail. If you ignore the massive role of genetics in health and superficial appearance, heeding the completely anecdotal evidence of slender women living in Manhattan lofts and dating older gentleman makes total sense. Let me see you smudge that almond butter, sweetheart. I'm prepared to be the punch bowl supervisor in your cult.

Photo Credit: Etirel

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