Camila Morrone White Bikini for Lumahai Swimwear 2017

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rusty-mattis - August 11, 2017

Camila Morrone kind of sounds like the name of a fancy candy bar, you know the kind you can only buy at the airport and cost a crap ton of money. More than you want to pay for fancy chocolate, but you know it would probably be worth it. I bet Camila Morrone is just as sweet as fancy chocolate.

And I would know a thing or two about fancy chocolate, I've had to buy my fair share of candies to make up for stupid stuff. You can ask all my ex-girlfriends, they have all dined of the finest chocolates I can buy at airports. But if Camila Morrone was my lady friend, than I wouldn't make any mistakes. Nope, she's the kind of pretty lady who's lead you just follow. You kiss her feet and follow all her commands. And your reward for doing all that? Why seeing Camila Morrone out of her bikini, of course. Probably the best reward anyone could ever get. I bet if they put a picture of Camila Morrone in a bikini on the Employee of the Month certificate we'd all be better workers at our jobs. We'd all be fighting to get that award to put on our walls.

Photo Credit: Lumahai Swimwear