Camila Cabello Little Hottie Shooting a Music Video

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bill-swift - February 20, 2017

The downside of these manufactured pop girl groups is everything to do with music. The upside is everything to do with bringing a new group of little hotties to the forefront of our Egotastic radar. Like Cuban sextastic petite sweetheart Camila Cabello, a member of Fifth Harmony, shooting a music video in Miami for a Spanish language channel. Cabello has yet to show off her fully passion inducing powers, but even in a cutesy bare midriff dress and heels you can imagine the possibilities.

Camila is all of nineteen and already splitting from the made up group to seek her own fame and fortune. If that doesn't mean more revealing photoshoots and music videos and performances I'll eat my hat. You should see my hat. It's not a small token of my commitment to this forecast. Personally, I can't wait. I'm thinking slinky lingerie. But I'm always thinking slinky lingerie. Enjoy.

Photo credit: FameFlynet