Cami Li Tattoos And Bikini Booty Cheeks In Miami

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bill-swift - April 13, 2016

Cam Li was an unexpected surprise. The alt inked model is hard to miss even in a place as eclectic as Miami Beach. The bikini and tatted sweetheart bared her colorful booty beneath a thong just to remind everybody she was somebody to keep an eye on. With Cam it can be tough at times to know where the body ends and the bikini begins, so I just like to imagine it's not there at all.

I tend to admire girls who put illustration to their body. There's definitely a fine line between enough and too much. It completely depends on the woman. Cam Li seems very comfortable in her tattoos, so much so that she's showing off almost every inch of skin on her fine female form. That's going to win you likability votes regardless. The thong uncovering her two-hands worth of squeezing booty seals the deal. Whatever you like is what I like Cam. Assuming you like endless rounds of quick and occasionally unfulfilling rounds of making the sex. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash