Cam Li Bikini Pictures Will Make Your Eyes Smile and Your Mouth Water in Miami

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bill-swift - May 21, 2014

I have this sneaking suspicion that model Cami Li and I would get along quite well. For instance, she would say anything and I would respond by laughing and complimenting her and kissing her ass. Then she'd tell me to shut up and I'd tell her she's so right and absolutely and beg her forgiveness. Then I'd ask her if I could help her change out of her bikini, just to be helpful, and build up some crocodile tears to go with my begging puppy dog face. That to me right there is a real relationship with a hot curvaceous bikini model. I could probably write a book about such romantic couplings.

Cami was posing on the beach in Miami just to remind everybody that petite ethnic girls with bodacious boobtastic are not just a fetish anymore, they've gone wide in their appeal. I'm feeling wide at least appealing Cam here for the past twenty minutes. She really is quite the ocean-front view. Enjoy.

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