‘Call of Duty: Black Ops III’ Gets Its Charity On

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chris-littlechild - May 30, 2016

  As we know, if there’s one notorious-ass thing in video games, it’s Call of Duty. The series has developed itself a reputation as the home of 12-year-olds howling cusses they don’t understand, toxic bastards in general and all of that fun stuff.

If there’s another notorious-ass thing in video games, it’s DLC. Oftentimes, you’ll see developers lock away content that’s already on the disk, just to slap another pricetag on it later. Something trivial like overpriced costumes, a big-ol’ season pass (some of which you can pre-order before the game’s even released), it’s a bad time all around.

So here’s a rare thing: Call of Duty and DLC uniting, and using their powers for good. Perhaps the most heart-warming story you’ll hear on this craptastic Monday morning.

The Call of Duty Endowment is a charity that supports U.S veterans, helping them find work when their service is over. This Memorial Day, a new set of calling cards hit Black Ops III, all sales supporting the Endowment. It’s a $3.99 bundle, containing three animated cards representing sea, land and air.  

Check them out:

Via Game Informer.