Call of Duty Black Ops II, Transformers and More E3 2012 Developer Interviews (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - June 7, 2012

One of the interesting elements of the Electronic Entertainment Exposition (E3, to you) is how video game publishers want to unveil and make a lot of noise about their games, but not so much that we stop caring about them after the show is over. It's like they want to give you just enough of a good thing to hook you, but not so much that you think you can get it any time. There's a parallel there in how men and women interact with each other. I'm not going to say it because we know you're sharp enough to connect those dots on your own.

Anyway, Activision opened the curtain quite a bit on Call of Duty: Black Ops II for us in this producer interview and there are a lot of details to absorb in this one. Quad-rotors, Strike Missions and branching storylines are the terms you'll need to follow in this one. However, as I said in the opening paragraph the chatty fellow we talked to (a VP, no less!) couldn't just give us all the details of Black Ops II's multiplayer mode. That would be giving up too much good stuff on what makes the Call of Duty franchise so popular. At least he tried though. See if you can connect the dots on the hints he does drop about CoD multiplayer and we can all compare notes later.

Then let your browser stay put as we take you into Transformers. That one is going to be hot as well.

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