‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ Brought the CODtastic to Gamescom 2014 (VIDEO)

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chris-littlechild - August 15, 2014

Of course it did. It's not like one of the biggest names in gaming was going to miss the party. Advanced Warfare hit the Cologne trade show like a ton of bricks. Manly, gunplay-based bricks.

Which is to say, our ol' buddies at IGN got a chance to play the new installment, and recorded it for our slightly bloodshot eyeballs (no, ma, we don't have a drink problem) to feast on.

As we know, we're heading a little further into the future with this one. Dicking around with Kevin Spacey in the year 2054 is something we can all get on board with, but what does it mean for the Call of Duty we know and love?

A mix of the old and the new, apparently. Those iron sights haven't changed a bit, but the fancy-ass holographic HUD? It's like something out of Dead Space. These could be just the steps the series needed to take, without changing beyond recognition and awakening the wrath of the Internet rageaholics.

Take a look.