Cairo Dwek’s Bikini Body On Display In Incredible Vacation Candids

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aldo-vallon - August 31, 2018

Cairo Dwek looks so lonely out on that raft. Wait, I meant to say that raft looks so lonely out there with only Cairo to make use of it. A raft that size can hold at least ten people safely, so why aren’t they out there? A raft that beautiful was meant to be enjoyed, not ignored. It is like seeing a single pretty girl in a bar that no one is talking to.

I’m just kidding, there are never pretty girls in bars that aren’t being talked to. But I’m dead serious about the raft. There should be a bunch of teenagers playing king of the raft and risking a very embarrassing injury due to getting too rough. That is what rafts are for.

They are not meant for people to sunbathe on. What, do they think the sun is more powerful twenty feet off the beach? It is a real waste of real estate to just let people get their tanning oil all over the floor as they lie there like sizzling bacon. Although it does make the next game of king of the raft more exciting.



Photo Credit: MEGA