Cable’s Final Cry For Help Calls Daria And Others Back From The Dead

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elliot-wolf - June 26, 2018

It’s becoming increasingly more difficult each day to justify paying for cable. Commercials don’t come with a “skip ad” feature, and other than live sports, cable television doesn’t offer much. That was until MTV announced the reboots of Daria, The Real World, and my personal favorite Made. Bring back the ultra edgy True Life series and I’ll allow cable to take all of my money. What’s that? If you’re living in the past you’re dead in the present? MTV must have forgot to pass that memo around the office and built a time machine anyway.

Millenials will get to experience several MTV shows that were once popular in the ’90s.

Daria & Jodie, will reimagine the 1990s feminist series about cartoon queen of deadpan Daria Morgendorffer and her high school friend, Jodie Landon, as they “deconstruct popular culture, social classes, gender and race,” according to MTV.

The Real World, which was first launched in 1992 and is the longest-running program in MTV history, will be returning after it quietly disappeared following the 2017 finale of its 32nd season, Real World Seattle: Bad Blood.

Made will once again be giving young underdogs the opportunity to team with experts for life coaching and reinventions.

These shows were great for what they were at the time because the world was smaller then. For these shows to be considered entertainment now it has to check off all the prerequisites. That means at least one character comes out of the closet for inclusivity, no fat jokes, and in the credits the show has to announce its political leanings. There’s no such thing as just watching a show and walking away anymore. I wonder what they’ll find next from the past to completely shit on. Maybe a Beavis and Butt-Head reboot minus the toxic masculinity and crude humor. Yeah, who wouldn’t want to watch that.

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Photo Credit: The Real World Stars Jamie Chung and Trishelle Cannatella / Getty Images / MTV