Buy McDonald’s Special Sauce…For 18K

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bill-swift - February 5, 2015

For every foodie and health conscious person who today turns their noses up at McDonald's I can show you that same person as a child BEGGING their parents to take them to McDo. Kids don't know how horrible the food is. Especially when it comes to that genius piece of marketing called The Happy Meal. Greasy food and a toy? Thank you, Jesus! But you have to admire the scientists at McDonald's who have engineered the "food" for maximum addictive pleasure. One of the more mysterious substances in McDo's repertoire is the "special sauce" that comes on the Big Mac. The orange cream is of unknown origin, like it was the secretion of some deep sea beast or landed on Earth oozing out of an asteroid. Well, we can now analyze it in a lab because McDonald's is selling bottles of the stuff in Australia...for $18,000. It's a limited run of 200 units and it is currently up for sale on Ebay.

What I don't get is why you would pay so much for something that you can get on the burger for $5.99 or however much it costs? I mean, what are you going to put that crap on if not another burger? You might as well just get the Big Mac and save yourself a ton of money. Maybe I'm just cheap?

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