Butler vs. Illinois and Nine Other College Basketball Games to be Thankful for This Week

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bill-swift - November 22, 2012

I've always been a fan of college hoops, but I've found that writing about it is a lot like coaching; you never know how much you do know until you try to write (or coach) on it. The more I delve into college basketball season the more I love this game. With 344 teams across the nation there is an endless supply of stopping points for talented players. Not everyone can go to Kentucky after all. Talent is often overlooked and sometimes it plays on losing teams in high school and lies largely undiscovered by the big programs.

What that does is open the door for smaller, lesser known schools to shock the basketball world when they take down one of the big dogs. Anyone ever hear of Chaminade before they beat Texas the other night? Probably not, but what better way for a DII program to get on the map, right?

Over the next week there will likely be more upset, blowouts, and nail biters as teams continue to find out who they are and develop into cohesive units. As more questions get answered, more will pop up? Can Indiana stay on top? Does Louisville deserve to be No. 1? Is Butler back or was the win over the Tar Heels a fluke?

Hopefully we'll get the answers to those questions and more as the next week in college hoops plays out!

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