Bryana Holly Sexy by the Pool in Maxim Australia

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rusty-mattis - August 10, 2017

So... Bryana Holly, you just sitting by the pool all sexy like? You staring off at something? Is there like a funny looking bug in the water or something? You gonna start splashing around in the pool or what?

I'm all for Bryana Holly sitting around be sexy by a pool, that's great and all, but she could totally be wearing that low cut bathing suit anywhere. If you're going to be by a pool, you might as well do some splashing. Come on, don't you want to see Bryana Holly soaking wet in that bathing suit. Plus, you never know what could happen once you get into the pool. One time my uncle got in a pool and somehow his whole bathing suit got stuck in a jet and we had to go call the fire department to get him out. It was the best 4th of July ever. So, something crazy like that could happen Bryana Holly could get her swimsuit moved all around and we could get a nip slip. That would be awesome.

Photo Credit: Maxim Australia