Bryana Holly Lingerie Delights

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bill-swift - May 24, 2016

Bryana Holly is steadily working and steadily breaking my lust filled heart every time she displays her slender blonde frame in bikini or lingerie or covered topless jeans shoot, all of which she's the go-to girl in Hollywood now for modeling such. Bryana has always been wicked sextastic, even during that time she was dating a Jenner and we had to blackball her for a time. Now she's passion inducing and booking gig after gig for photographers determined to document her sweet sextastic for the visual ages.

In this Lauren Engel shoot, Bryana shows us how the recipe of one woman you desperately wish was your next door neighbor who liked to tan in the yard and one camera produces the perfect sweet dessert. A dessert clad in sheer panties. The very best way to rot your teeth. Bryana, someday we must sit down together and have a long talk without words. I prefer the international language. Unbridled passion and blind grasping with the hands. Don't ditch the lingerie just yet. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Lauren Engel