Bryana Holly Is Nearly Flashing Her Full Beach Girls in Treats

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bill-swift - January 3, 2014

Bryana Holly is  model who  I loved who I had to give up for a while because she was dating Brody Jenner and my feelings got all confused and plus she stopped doing hot modeling for a while, in favor of Instagramming romantic pictures. Thankfully, she dumped Brody and is now in Treats magazine showing off much of her own treats, though sadly using contortions and hand-bra to see what has earned her many a worthy leer in the past.

Bryana is one of those girls who you forget about, then remember, then think about while Journey is playing on the radio and you/re locked in your bedroom late at night, then maybe forget about again, but then appears almost nekkid in a magazine so time to get the Journey on again. It's not that confusing once you go through the full cycle a few times. Enjoy.