Bryana Holly Hottie at the Beach

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bill-swift - March 14, 2017

Bryana Holly and I have one of those symbiotic type relationships. I have deep and unwavering lust in my heart and soul for her wicked hot blonde goodness, while she doesn't know I even exist. While as a practical matter that does save me the extra effort of working around a restraining order, it pains me just a little to know she isn't spending her REM sleep hours dreaming of me as I do her. Generally covered from head to toe naked in honey and begging me to be her Pooh Bear.

Bryana's latest shoot with photographer Yana Kalina reminds us exactly how a forty hour trip away for the weekend with Bryana to the beach might also be a forty hour erection. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to call your doctor. Right after calling your buddies to brag. Not about the stiffie, about Bryana hanging out in your bungalow in her bikini. Every part has its purpose. Bryana Holly is chock full of all the blessedly hot parts. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Yana Kalina