Bryana Holly Bikini Hottie

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bill-swift - March 16, 2016

If you've been around these parts for some time, you know of my fond affection if not insatiable lust for the blonde hottie model that is Bryana Holly. It may be that Bryana works her way through a series of horrible celebrity boyfriends, but I care not. I mean, I am obviously jealous and wish it were me in these failed relationships that begin with lots of successful making of the sexy. But the bigger point is, Bryana Holly is crazy sextastic and she likes to share her wealth.

In this new bikini photoshoot, Bryana shows off in catalog form her stellar body as if descended from heaven for the specific purpose of pimping tiny bits of clothing. Her lust inducing powers certainly put me in the frame of mind to be thanking some higher power. Women like Bryana Holly are all nature, not nurture.  So, thank you Mother Nature. I never forget who did the hard work. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: ShopSky