Brooke Perry Sexy outfits for Urban Outfitters

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aldo-vallon - September 3, 2017

 I have always thought that the name of Urban Outfitters was always a bit of a misnomer. When I think of urban outfits I think of homeless men and women in dirty secondhand clothes that were rejected from the Salvation Army for being too low quality. And there is even the slight stench of urine in the air to add to the ambiance. But Brooke Perry does not give me that impression at all. These clothes are trendy and, dare I say, chic. She does not give me the impression that there would be even the slightest hint of urine around her. So I guess I must applaud her for that, even though it is not a very high bar to surpass. 

Maybe I need to give these Urban Outfitters another chance if this is the type of clientele they bring in. There is no way they could be any worse than my current clothes supplier. The local truck stop may not have the widest selection of clothing but it is cheap. And if wolves howling at the moon is your style then I highly recommend hitting them up.


Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters