Brooke Burke Shows Off Her Bare Midriff In Malibu

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bill-swift - February 3, 2015

The eternally lovely Brooke Burke was looking her usual hot MILF self on her way to work out in Malibu. She was wearing a sports bra and tight workout pants. First of all, her boobage looks amazing. She's got some pretty bangin' cleavage, as no one says anymore. I'm not sure how she stayed up doing Dancing With The Stars with those sweater hams pulling her down to Earth. But it is perhaps in the area of her bare mid-riff that we truly see her best asset. You could do laundry on those washboard abs. She's in really good shape. Maybe ballroom dancing is really good exercise. I would try it myself to shed a few pounds except for the fact that I am physically incapable of dancing and not looking like a huge moron.

What I do know is that Brooke and her abs makes me want be a better person, or at the very least stare at the for half an hour.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet