Brooke Burke’s Still Got It (And We Still Want It)

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bill-swift - November 25, 2011

Thank heavens for sexy celebrities you undressed in your fantasies more than a decade ago still being hot today

Brooke Burke at 40 still haunts my every waking naughty dreams. There's really no slowing down this super fit sextastic celebrity with the legs and the body and the hither may come eyes. Oh, yeah, she may have changed her last name recently and she may be the mom of like seventeen kids, but that doesn't take away from us the right to imagine Brooke, a bikini, a deserted island, and the powerful instincts of nature to produce even more offspring in the thatched roof hut we learned how to build on Discovery Channel.

Oh, Brooke, it's been a ten-year long, up and down ride, I hope it never ends. Enjoy.