Brooke Burke Boobtastic Puts the Mmm in MILFtastic

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bill-swift - July 20, 2011

As you may know, each month, a small mountain of women's magazines arrives at the doorstep of my quaint pied-à-terre, a time at which I must brave the taunts of the neighborhood middle school boys to retrieve my periodicals, only to be met by the sweet relief of locking myself into my abode for several days of page turning. Beyond the perfume sample scents and the wonderful ideas for looking fabulous at forty or dropping 15 lbs. in the last week before my wedding, there are the bevy of beautiful celebrities not originally intended for the male viewer, but those which I know deserve sharing among the more hirsute gender.

Case in point, Brooke Burke in Redbook. Oh, sure, Brooke Burke and her ridiculously hot body after bearing something like 17 children naturally through her motherly pipes is an inspiration to women everywhere. But she's also hella hawt and a boobtastic fantastic celebration for the optical nerves of the gentleman ogler. Booke Burke in a bra top jogging, and smelling like eau d' toilette, right here on the pages of my Redbook. All I need is a pint of Hagen Daaz and I'm in heaven. Enjoy.