Brooke Burke Bendylicious Boat Workout GIF

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earl-jonas - June 27, 2017


This weekend Brooke Burke provided us with a friendly reminder about the extreme degree of her hotness. The forty-five-year-old renaissance woman posted some bendy boat workout moves to Instagram, and we've conveniently turned the video into a gif for your viewing and pleasuring. I mean, viewing pleasure.

Brooke has been soaking up the Amalfi Coast in Italy from the luxury of a private yacht, where her very lucky husband caught Brooke working on her famous booty with cheerleader squats. Thanks to very tiny bikini bottoms we can check out Burke's sexy tan line and tight tush.

You might best remember Brooke Burke from the poster in your 2000's dorm room or the inside of your eyelids when you were sequestered to the bathroom searching for some... inspirational material. (How did we survive pre-iPhone?) The brunette babe hosted Dancing with the Stars until 2013 and is now the face of a series called Hidden Heroes. Brooke has two hidden heroes of her own, and you can check 'em out in the gallery. 


Photo Credit: Instagram