Brooke Burke Killer MILF Body on Display And Seriously In Shape

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bill-swift - December 15, 2010

I can't remember the precise count, but Brooke Burke has had something like eleventeen hundred children in the past decade or so. It's some amazing number that rivals only the sub-Saharan pygmy squirrels in terms of spawning prowess. Meanwhile, I've borne zero children, not for lack of practice mind you, but still, zero pups through the pupae shoot and somehow Brooke Burke looks something close to a gazillion billion times better than I do. Even people who try really really hard to look as hot and hard bodied as Brooke Burke don't look as hot and hard bodied as Brooke Burke. In fact, just file Brooke Burke and her amazing sexy looks under the category of life is simultaneously unfair and marvelous. And use these smoking hot Brooke Burke pictures from this month's Shape magazine as Exhibit A. Enjoy.