Brogurt? Yogurt For Guys?

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bill-swift - February 27, 2013

Would you eat something called Brogurt? As in bro(ther) yogurt. Well, a company called Powerful Yogurt is one of a growing group of yogurt brands aimed at men. You might expect that brogurt would have "man flavors" like porterhouse steak or buffalo sauce. But no. They come in strawberry, blueberry, mango and other typical yogurt flavors. So, what's the point? Marketing is a hell of a thing. The only thing that seems different is the packaging, which is more "manly" than your typical pink and teal yogurt package. The thing is that it's hard to make yogurt something for men, in my opinion. Many cultures like the Greeks, Indians, and Arabs eat yogurt all of the time. They certainly aren't unmanly. But in America yogurt is seen as a girly treat, though it does keep you regular. At the end of the day it's a white tub of bacteria, which is neither manly nor girly, but kind of gross if you think about it. And maybe it's just me but I can't get over eating something labeled "brogurt" or "man yogurt". That just sounds...unappealing to me.

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