The Testosteronetacular ‘Broforce’ Heads Up March’s PS Plus Games

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chris-littlechild - February 26, 2016

It's pretty freaking rare to see justice done these days. The lenient sentences for terrible crimes. The rich and their look ma, no taxes ways. The street vendor I saw scratching his scrote while serving hotdogs who was never busted. The world's a damn terrible place at times.

Still though. Sometimes, just sometimes, your faith in humanity is restored a little. It can be the smallest thing, and usually is, but it's enough. A gang member who runs onto the highway to save a one-legged chihuahua from being crushed by an oncoming Winnebago? That'll do it. So will Broforce winning PSN's second Vote to Play.

First, to recap. Vote to Play is Sony's way of letting Plus subscribers get a little more say in the monthly free game lineup. We're given a list of titles, and the one with the most votes becomes one of the following month's downloads. Grow Home was the first winner, last year, and now we've got Broforce coming our way in March. You made the right choice, everyone. Good job.

Elsewhere this coming month, Galak-Z is also up for download on PS4. Last-gen players can get themselves The Last Guy instead, a title that was a big indie deal way back in the day. PS3 will also offer Super Stardust HD, if spacetastic twin stick shooters are your deal.

As for the Vita? There's the AR brawler Reality Fighters and the arcade firefighting fun of Flame Over. Nothing to lose bowel control over, all in all, but maybe worth a look. Here's a taster: 

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