Brody Jenner’s Fiancee Kaitlynn Carter Bare Midriff And Flashing Booty Cheek

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michael-garcia - August 9, 2016

Brody Jenner's main squeeze, fiancee Kaitlynn Carter, was spotted showing off her bare mid-riff and a bit of booty cheek. She's an online writer type like us here at Egotastic, but much much hotter. She's gorgeous and it makes you wonder why she's with Brody Jenner. That dudebro must have something we can't see to get the likes of Kaitlynn to go out with him. Just look at her bare mid-riff, it is friggin' flawless. Smooth as silk and white as a saucer of milk. But the real fireworks come downstairs from her incredibly short daisy dukes. Not only do we get to see the entirety of her long, lovely legs but we also get a bit of booty flash. That's the best part of daisy dukes is the little half moon of booty that sticks out from the bottom. 

For someone who is a tastemaker, Kaitlynn has really bad taste in men. Brody isn't the worst male member of that family, but he comes damn close. Kaitlynn, dumb that zero and get with this hero, yo. 


Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews