Brittny Gastineau Still Going With the Battered Look

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Lex Jurgen - August 4, 2014

I guess Brittny Gastineau kind of got into the bruised look her graffiti artist boyfriend gave her a couple months ago after they got loaded and argued over who was more useless to society. Depending upon which unfounded tabloid you believe, he paid her some restitution in the form of about fifty bucks from his change jar and five cans of bronze Krylon she used to save herself on body tanner. They also maybe got back together. She claims not, but the bruises claim otherwise. The relationship between abuser and victim is often fraught with complex attachments and misplaced loyalties. It's very similar psychologically to the relationship bonds between losers who list Friend of Kim Kardashian in their resume where education typically goes. When you name your kid Brittny, you are so asking for this shit. Girls named Evelyn never end up looking like battered whores staggering around on Miami Beach. That's a gross generalization. But this is a gross situation.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet, Pacific Coast News, Splash News

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