Brittany Cherry Spandex Booty For “Dancing With The Stars” Rehearsal

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bill-swift - December 8, 2015

Dancing with the Stars never dies, it's never over. Not when ABC can milk more money from their big series of dancing sequined couples that don't get paid like regular TV actors. Fair enough, for whilst we never have to watch the show itself, we do get regular chances to catch the booty and hot bodies of their professional dance corps who they have go in and out of a parking lot ripe for paparazzi shots daily. Hence, the girls do like to look their best arriving for warmups.

Take for example ballroom dancer Brittany Cherry. Yes, it does sound like the name of an adult actress, but hold steady, young fella. Brittany is a dancer extraordinaire with a booty to match. She wrapped it in tight blue shiny stretch pants on the off chance you didn't notice. And a half shirt over her chest, you know, just in case as well. Most certainly dancing competitions are football for the ladies, but that doesn't mean you can't admire the dancer bodies. In fact, it's kind of your obligation lest you lose your gentleman ogler's license. They're hard to get back. What a superb Cherry bottom. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI