Britney Spears Shares New Bikini Photo With Mom On Twitter

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bill-swift - April 11, 2017

Britney Spears is one fit MILFtastic and she would like you to acknowledge. You may do so in written form, or the more practical grunts and groans into your dish towel. Britney's not shy about attention. She gets it.

The now Vegas famous showgirl and occasional singer into her blue tooth which may or may not be on, has lived up to her end of the bargain which is looking amazing as a 30-something mom. The costumes she wears on stage are undersized and she's not going to let anybody say she's not been sweating to the oldies to squeeze in. Hence, some social media teasers to let you know what she's got. And she's got it all working. Good for you, Britney. Consider these the salad days of your second youth. Far better than those McDonald's drive-thru days. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: @britneyspears/ Instagram/ Twitter