Britney Spears Gets Down At the Beach!

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Echo Lawrence - January 13, 2021

So we recently found out from a random "intern" that Britney Spears actually has no access to her own Instagram channel, something we all kind of assumed but refused to believe. I know I have personally been trying to decode what Britney is talking about with her captions about her new project "a touch of rose" but I guess there is just no code to crack. The news came out through a DM to celebrity gossip account DeuxMoi and the user claims to have the inside scoop.

So, someone on Britney's team posted this photo of the singer and her boyfriend Sam, loved up on the beach. Britney keeps things safe by wearing a surgical mask on her face even though there is literally nobody else on the beach. Is this really Britney or is it her stand it? Either way - It's Britney, Beach.